A headline about how they can feel (after working with you).

A short powerful statement… (1 to 2 lines only)

Enjoy the journey!

I had my own___...

My journey from [what--negative thing] to [what positive thing]?

This is where you tell your story. Talk about where you were, what happened what you learned, and where you are now.

Here’s an example…

Years ago, my world came crashing down when I discovered

I felt [how]…

I tried [what]….

but still lacked the sense of peace I longed to have.

I quickly realized...

Tell more of your story…

In my efforts to [what?], I found additional tools that helped me….

I realized… 

These [gifts, tools, plan, etc] are things I hope to share with others so you don't have to go through what I did.

As a [your title], it’s important to me to

I help WHO do WHAT… your niche statement goes here.

If you are ready and willing to do the work, I can help.


Here's how it works...

3 Easy Steps to Begin

Let’s meet. Then something like, “A confidential safe space where you can share your story and together come up with the best plan for YOU!

A little more information about their journey. What it looks like, etc. Things like, “learn how to implement [special] tools or [your unique pricess].

3. Live Happily Ever After

What it looks like after someone has worked with you. Talk about how cool their life will be and what that looks like as they move forward.

A positive statement about what they should do

Replace [a negative thing] with [a postive thing].
Get [something amazing the person wants]
and find [what they will achieve or find]